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AORN's Seal of Recognition Program

Distinguish Your Education and Training Content

AORN’s Seal of Recognition program helps perioperative nurses and their colleagues select the highest quality training, education, and in-service programs that are deemed consistent with the AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

When perioperative professionals see the seal, they can be confident that AORN has reviewed the content for quality and alignment with the guidelines.

See what it takes to earn the seal.


AORN's Seal of Recognition Program

AORN's Seal of Recognition Program

Program Benefits

Healthcare industry professionals can strategically leverage the Seal of Recognition process to aid in the development or improvement of education and training, receiving:

  • Direct feedback from AORN’s clinical and educational nurse experts to improve your education and training materials
  • AORN Seal of Recognition logo placement on approved materials to confirm their quality for perioperative users
  • Highlighted exposure at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo
  • Seal of Recognition announcement in AORN’s email newsletter and listing on a dedicated Seal of Recognition web page on the AORN website

Perioperative professionals can easily and confidently plan your next training, education or in-service program knowing the content has been reviewed and approved by AORN.

“We pursued the AORN Seal of Recognition because it represents the partnership between the leading perioperative nurse organization and industry. By obtaining the SOR on the Sterile-Z Back Table Cover brochure, it visually confirms the content adheres to a quality review by AORN.”

Phillip Brown, Assoc. Director of Marketing
TIDI Products

Clorox and AORN - Seal of Rec

CloroxPro received the AORN Seal of Recognition for its Clorox Healthcare Disinfection Tool Kit for the Operating Room, Pre-OPreative and PACU Areas. The tool kits include a reference guide and training materials intended to help environmental services and clinical staff streamline and simplify cleaning and disinfection in perioperative settings and provide guideline-based resources for busy OR Managers.

AORN Seal of Recognition

TIDI Products in July 2019 received the AORN SEAL OF RECOGNITION™ for its Sterile-Z Brochure

Education Materials Eligible for the Seal of Recognition

Training, education, and in-service activity content related to advancing perioperative practice and conforming to AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice are eligible, including:

  • White papers
  • Posters for on-site safety notices and training
  • Brochures, training manuals for patients or healthcare professionals
  • In-service programs (PPT or manuals); in-service webinars only with special permission
  • Operations manuals/instructions for use

Download a program description. To apply, contact the AORN Industry Team at or 800-755-2676, ext. 280.

AORN's Seal of Recognition Program