Nursing Research

AORN is dedicated to incorporating research and evidence-based practice as a foundation for perioperative nursing to provide quality patient care.

AORN Believes

  • Research should be the foundation for perioperative nursing practice. 
  • Evidence-based practice is fundamental to quality patient care. 
  • Incorporating research findings into perioperative nursing practice is a critical component of the continuing effort to improve patient outcomes. 

Research Assistance

Nursing Research Topics

AORN topics for evidence-based practice and clinical scholarship include nursing priorities for patient safety, team functioning, systems of care deli...

Perioperative Nurse Education

Start planning your days at the Global Surgical Conference & Expo. Research the education sessions and events you would like to attend and add them...

Nursing Research Links

A selection of online resources providing articles, data, and reports on nursing practice and research.

Research Grants

AORN & Sigma Theta Tau International Research Grant

AORN Foundation, in collaboration with Sigma Theta Tau International, is offering a $5,000 nursing research grant for 2018. Grant applications are now closed.

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Download the Project Narrative (Word)

Literature Searches

AORN Journal

Stay up-to-date with the latest in evidence-based, clinical best practices through the award-winning, peer-reviewed AORN Journal. Availabl...

Literature Search FAQs

Get tips and answers to commonly asked questions about searching for content within the AORN Journal.

Literature Search Resources

Find articles, reports, and statistics to assist with nursing research.

Evidence-Based Practice & Research

How is a Guideline Created?

Download the infographic to learn how an AORN Guideline is created.

Certificate in the Fundamentals of Evidence-Based Practice

Are you consistently using the best evidence available to care for your patients? Evidence-based practice (EBP) is fundamental to quality patient care. It provides clinicians the tools needed to promote safer patient care and positive patient outcomes in all care settings.

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Evidence Tables

These evidence tables provide additional detail on the evidence supporting AORN's Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

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Evidence Rating

Evidence rating is a process by which scientific evidence is used to support recommendations about clinical decisions.

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