Fundamentals for Nursing School Programs

Successfully Partner with Nursing Schools

Fundamentals for Nursing School Programs

Today’s nursing students have limited exposure to perioperative content and to clinical surgical settings. This course is designed for inclusion in general nursing programs to help educate student nurses on perioperative nursing concepts as part of their undergraduate experience. Partner with local nursing schools to help prepare the next generation of perioperative nurses.

This course provides a well-defined foundation of perioperative nursing concepts. Students will learn aseptic techniques and teamwork that can be translated into clinical experiences.


Prepare the Next Generation to Fulfill Your Recruitment Needs

Read our white paper Perioperative Nursing Succession Planning. You’ll learn how students have minimal exposure to perioperative content and to clinical rotations in operative settings as part of traditional baccalaureate education. Learn how to create a perioperative win-win by educating new nurses while strategically preparing for the impending nursing shortage.

Better Collaborate With Nursing Schools to Prepare for the Nursing Shortage

We have designed a primer guide, The Periop Education Primer, help prepare perioperative departments to effectively approach schools of nursing with an organized and effective presentation. We can help make your successful case for the educational collaboration that will lead to better educated nurses and safer patients.

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