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Virtual Reality Training

Mitigate the risk of surgical fire with Fire in the OR™ simulation

Reacting confidently and properly to extinguish a life-threatening surgical fire on a patient requires effective training in a life-sized operating room under a realistic scenario that engages and teaches proper behaviors.

For annual training, fires are difficult to mimic – and involve significant resources – in mannequin-based simulation and classroom teaching.

Why Virtual Reality?

VR simulation overcomes operational roadblocks, providing you the ability to scale clinical education across your OR staff with affordable, effective, and more frequent training. By increasing opportunities to practice critical skills, VR training improves retention, performance, and patient outcomes. Specifically, results show VR :

  • Is 83% more cost effective and can easily scale to large teams with less faculty and equipment 1
  • Enables an average 20-25 staff members to complete the module on site with a single headset during a 12-hour period – at their convenience
  • Improves performance by 250% 2
  • Increases knowledge retention as much as 80% 3
  • Reduces mistakes by 40% 4

Afterward, VR learners are 275% more confident to act on what they learned 5, enhancing patient safety.


Nurse Using VR Technology

Fire in the OR

AORN has partnered with medical training provider Health Scholars to bring you the first virtual reality (VR) education course in our perioperative library.

Try it out.

Surgical fires are rare – according to the ECRI Institute about 95-100 occur per year in the United States.

But the potential is high in most ORs and the impacts can be devastating, causing burns, disfigurement, long-term medical care, or death.

This cutting-edge virtual reality course provides more effective experiential training.

Learners identify the risks and ignition sources they see while standing in a virtual operating room; safely practice key skills for extinguishing a patient fire; and understand the root causes as well as what they did right and wrong for maximum retention.

Fire in the OR is a 20-minute course that includes three modules:

  • Tutorial: making use of the VR headset/handset intuitive, even for first-timers and non-gamers
  • Fire Triad: identifying items in the OR related to the three parts of the fire triad
  • Fire on a Patient: managing a fire on a patient and debriefing on root cause
  • Earn: .5 CH

Your full VR package includes:

  1. Equipment set up
  2. Course access for 50 or more learners,
  3. Technical support.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Closed Claims database highlighted that operating room fires accounted for nearly a fifth of monitored anesthesia care claims.

Don't let your OR become a statistic. 

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