Center for Nursing Leadership

Whether you are aspiring to management, recently moved into a new leadership position, or are an experienced nurse executive, AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership is focused on supporting your need for continued professional development in managing the business side of perioperative services.

Leadership Events

Nurse Executive Leadership Seminar

A small-group setting for executives and managers to discuss industry-wide issues and share best practices for today’s top leadership challenges.

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ASC Administrator Skills Course

A three-and-half-day intensive course, supported by a four-month online program, focused on ASC management skills and CASC® certification exam preparation.

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Leadership Summit

The Leadership Summit at AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo focuses on the management and business-side of perioperative nursing. New in 2019, the program offers two tracks. Choose from separate break-out sessions that focus on unique needs and interests of the emerging perioperative leader or an experienced executive.

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Global Surgical Conference & Expo

Network and learn about the latest technologies and trends at the largest gathering of perioperative nurses in the world.

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Leadership Resources

Guidelines Implementation for Your Facility

AORN has made implementing the Guidelines for Perioperative Practice easy for you and your facility. We know you’re busy managing your facility, purch...

Leadership Books & Publications

AORN offers publications through the Center for Nursing Leadership that help you stay informed on the changes in health care and provide resources to ...

Leadership Online Courses

Sound like something you could use? Listen to a 30-minute webinar presented by ...

Leadership Webinars

AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership webinars offer online access to online courses and recorded webinars on a variety of topics for your continuing d...

Nurses on Boards Coalition

Home of the campaign to help ensure that at least 10,000 nurses are on boards by 2020.

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Leadership Topics


AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership offers education and resources that will help you learn to effectively lead crucial conversations and influence d...


AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership is helping nurse leaders gain the necessary skills to manage the financial performance of perioperative ser...

HR Management

AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership has a range of educational offerings and resources to help you hire, retain, develop and engage your sta...


AORN’s Center for Nursing Leadership offers a wide range of educational offerings and resources to help you solve operational issues, build proc...


Ensure the highest quality standards are set for your staff by taking advantage of the education and resources AORN’s Center for Nursing Leaders...