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7 Fun Ways to Experience Orlando

Make plans to incorporate some Florida fun while when you attend the Global Surgical Conference & Expo. Reenergize your soul, regroup with your collea...

How to Overcome Barriers Incorporating Adjunct Technology

Dr. Valerie Marsh shares her expertise on adjunct technology and focuses on common barriers regarding the technology as well as tips for overcoming th...

Health Inequities: How to Make an Impact in Your Practice

The events of the past year have put inequities in healthcare under the microscope.

3 Diversity Recruitment Strategies That Make a Difference

Follow three key recruitment and retention strategies that not only help bridge the diversity gap among staff, but also help keep those new hires and ...

How to Align Your Priorities to Lead an Authentic Life

Corey Ciocchetti, Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Legal Studies at the University of Denver, talks about how to spend your time, energy, an...

How to Become a Candidate for AORN National Office

Consider becoming a candidate for national office where you’ll serve the entire perioperative nursing community as you shape and recommend new policie...

How Periop Nurses and AORN Have Taken On COVID-19

David Wyatt, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNOR, had the unique experience of leading AORN’s national board in a most unusual year for the association.

How to Create a Culture of Success in Your OR

Discover how to rally your OR team and create a culture of success.

3 Tips to Infuse Innovation into the OR

Learn how nurses have a unique power to innovate for better patient outcomes.

Reflections: AORN History of Diversity

Board members Nakeisha Archer and Darlene Murdock recently took a deep dive into AORN’s past to understand our Association’s history of mu...

5 Ways to Prepare for Your CNOR Certification Exam

Ellice Mellinger, MS, BSN, RN, CNOR, works daily with nurses aspiring to receive their OR certification and share's her top five tips to help you bett...

2021 Guidelines: 6 Top Practice Updates

The 2021 edition of Guidelines for Perioperative Practice is now available and includes the latest evidence-based recommendations, technologi...

2020 Posts

6 Steps to Better OR and SPD Collaboration

The key to turning conflict to collaboration is mutual understanding and building of relationships between the two areas.

11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Perioperative Nurses

Make sure your favorite perioperative nurse knows their hard work matters even as we all remain socially distant with the holidays approaching.

Rural Iowa Hospital Becomes 100th Go Clear Award™ Program Recipient

Learn how a rural Iowa hospital became the 100th Go Clear Award™ program recipient amid the COVID-19 pandemic in The Periop Life's ...

Honoring and Celebrating Our Differences

Rumay Alexander, EdD, RN, FAAN, a professor at the University of North Carolina School of Nursing at Chapel Hill, discusses why making divers...

Cultivating a Culture of Trust

Establishing a healthy workplace culture is critical to the overall success of your facility and ensures staff members are focused on providi...

Outpatient Lessons Learned During COVID-19

Ann Geier, MS, RN, CNOR(E), CASC, chief nursing officer at Surgical Information Systems, will present a thought-provoking analysis during the...

Bring Some Positivity into Your OR

COVID-19 has challenged us to see any positives in our daily OR routines. Discover how to bring some positivity back into your surgical suite...

8 Tips to Navigate a Virtual Conference

Helpful tips for perioperative professionals navigating a virtual conference during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Management Lessons

Gail Horvath, senior patient safety analyst and consultant with ECRI, discusses the current state of supply chain management and what we can ...

COVID-19: Pandemic-Inspired Leadership Lessons

Learn how this COVID-19 PPE project in one of the nation’s top COVID-19 hotspots made a difference in patient and worker safety during ...

How to Increase Meaningful Conversations During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us in many ways, including our conversation skills.

An OR Nurse’s Unknowing Life-or-Death Battle with COVID-19

Read an OR nurse’s firsthand account of battling COVID-19 as a patient in The Periop Life’s latest blog post.

VA Operating Room Nurses Answer COVID-19 Call of Duty

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many operating room nurses to go above and beyond. This team of surgical nurses has stepped up to help the...

Tips for Avoiding Burnout and Improving Morale

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, nurse burnout, low morale, and fatigue are affecting operating room teams as they return to elective surgery.

How to Prepare for Post-COVID-19 Fatigue

As the COVID-19 spreads and operating teams return to elective surgery, learn how perioperative nurses can help battle the fatigue that the coronaviru...

Bringing Perioperative Expertise to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 spreads, learn how perioperative nurses can help battle the pandemic in this new blog post. Changes in surgery schedules, new processe...

How to Find Credible COVID-19 News Sources

Growing up, there was a news magazine at the registers of the grocery store called Weekly World News. It ceased publication years ago, but some of you...

COVID-19: The Value of Resilience and Self-Care

As we’ve made efforts to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus, healthcare workers’ lifestyles and work lives have changed dramaticall...

Perfectionism in the Time of COVID-19

As the response to COVID-19 develops and access to essential resources becomes strained, we know that we will all need to work together on solutions t...

3 Ways to Make OR Learning Fun

Innovative operating room education is crucial to keep nurses engaged on important clinical topics. Improving nurse education is imperative to k...

1 Key to Demonstrate Your OR Financial Know-How

Learn how to improve your operating room financial knowledge. Find financial ...

3 Tips to Investigate Infection

Learn how to help prevent infections at an ambulatory surgery center. ASC-specific tips to better plan for an infectious outbreak can be found i...

How to Network at a Surgical Conference

Learn how to network at a surgical conference with these six tips in this new blog post. Knowing the best ways to network will help build your c...

2 Ways to Show a Transgender Patient Respect

Transgendered patient’s surgical experiences can create anxiety for the patient and sometimes for OR nurses. Transgender and gender non-conformi...

How Will You Celebrate the Year of the Nurse?

2020 is the Year of the Nurse as designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) to honor Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday. Learn ways to...

Bullying in the OR: 3 Signs to Look For

Patterns of incivility are too often accepted in perioperative care. Left unchecked, incivility among perioperative colleagues can lead to bullying,...

Two Steps to Become a More Effective Communicator

Learn how to become a more effective communicator in the operating room to help improve patient safety and team communication in the surgical suite. F...

Advance Your OR Leadership Trajectory in 2020

New leaders are often not adequately prepared for the pressures of OR leadership. Unfortunately, on-the-job learning is the ineffective norm in today'...

Surgical Attire in 2020: 3 Actions to Take

Learn about the latest AORN Guideline on Surgical Attire updates to build your clinical practice and better prepare your surgical team in this latest ...

2019 Posts

3 Tips to Apply Predictive Analytics in the Surgical Setting

Learn how predictive analytics can improve OR efficiency. AI and predictive analytics are changing how surgical suites operate. Find out how using rea...

2020 Guideline Revisions: 3 Practice Changes to Make Now

Learn about the latest AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice updates, including changes to surgical attire, to build your clinical practice and b...

13 Holiday Gift Ideas for Perioperative Nurses

Getting a holiday gift for your surgical co-workers is a fun way to show your appreciation for the work they do all year long.

10 Things an Anaheim-Based Periop Nurse is Thankful For

Start planning for AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2020 in Anaheim by learning the top 10 things to do in Anaheim from a perioperative nurs...

3 ASC Financial Tips for 2020

Learn how to create financial success in your ASC in 2020 in this latest blog post. Meet your financial goals and look ahead to build a sound financia...

OR Educators: Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Learn how to build your educator knowledge and skills by obtaining the Professional Educator, Perioperative Certificate of Mastery in Anaheim, CA. Bot...

Perioperative Nurses Week: 5 Reasons I’m Periop Proud

As Perioperative Nurses Week approaches, find out why this nurse is so Periop Proud.

3 Ways Frontline Nurses Can Heal Healthcare

Learn how frontline nurses can help heal America’s broken healthcare system.

Top 10 Things to Do in Anaheim

Here are 10 fun ways to experience Anaheim on your own or with your OR colleagues.

Why Giving Back to Your Association Matters

Find out why getting involved and giving back to your association matters.

How to Host an Effective ASC In-Service

Learn how to host an effective ASC in-service despite tight schedules and budgets.

Why Get Your CNOR® Certification?

Find out why CNOR certification can make a difference in your income and career plans.

Finding the Courage to Speak Out Against Surgical Smoke

Follow one nurse’s journey to convince decision-makers of the dangers of surgical smoke.

How to Be an Effective Periop Nurse Mentor

Learn why mentoring matters in today’s perioperative environment.

Have an OR Innovation to Share?

Learn more about the Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate Quickfire Challenge.

4 Stress-Relief Tools to Boost Nurse Morale

Combat OR conflict and stress with these simple strategies.

3 Steps to Secure an Official Time Out Proclamation

Use this advice to secure your own state Time Out Day proclamation.

Moving the Needle to Zero Wrong-Site Surgeries

Learn how taking a Time Out can help decrease wrong-site surgeries.

Surgical Fire! 4 Tips to Keep Patients Safe

Learn how to better prepare your OR team for potential surgical fires.

Achieving High Reliability in Flexible Endoscope High-Level Disinfection

Learn four ways to effectively implement a flexible endoscope reprocessing audit.

First-Time Attendees: 4 AORN Expo Takeaways

Hear about the experiences of two first-time AORN Expo 2019 attendees.

5 Ways Robotic Technology Is Transforming Knee Replacement

Discover five ways robotic-arm assisted technology is improving outcomes in total knee arthro...

5 Keys to Passing Surgical Smoke-Evacuation Legislation in Your State

Empower your facility with these five ideas to help pass smoke evacuation legislation.

BSN vs. RN: Why Earning Your BSN Matters

Find out why earning your BSN matters to your periop career.

2 Myths that May Keep You From Voting

Learn the top two myths that keeps people from voting and why voting matters.

Nurse Activism: How to Make a Difference

Nurse Blake shares how finding your voice can help make a difference in your community.

You Don’t Have to Be the Boss to Be A Leader

Focus on these five leadership tools every nurse should know.

2 Ways to Create Connection and Build Trust

Discover the importance of connection and building trust from author and human behavior exper...

Considering a Move to ASC Management? 4 Things to Know

Find out if you have the right mindset to become an ASC leader.

The OR of the Future: 3 Things to Know

Learn three practical ways to help prepare for the OR of the future.

3 Ways to Build Nurse Resiliency in 2019

Focus on building more resilience to handle the highly emotional work of perioperative nursin...

3 HR Questions You’ve Been Too Afraid To Ask

Get the answers to the top three perioperative HR questions you’ve been afraid to ask.

The Key to Harmonizing Your Surgical Team

Learn how to achieve surgical team harmony through better OR communication.

2019 Guidelines: Be Ready For 3 Big Changes

Read about three big changes to the new 2019 AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

2018 Posts

What Inspires Your Surgical Practice?

Read the inspirational stories that tie us together and express our shared love of surgical nursing.

Financial Tips Every OR Leader Should Know

Build your financial know-how with these four tips every OR leader should know.

11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Perioperative Nurses

Here are some fun holiday gift ideas to help spoil the perioperative nurses on your list.

What’s your Gen IQ?

Test your generational knowledge to avoid common generational mishaps with generational expert, Amy Lynch.

10 Things a Nashville-based Periop Nurse is Thankful For

In honor of Thanksgiving, find out what a Nashville-based perioperative nurse is thankful for.

“Yield to Overcome”: 3 Mantras to Live By

Col. Nicole Malachowski shares her personal journey through illness and gives us three mantras to overcome challenging times.

Why Listening is Your #1 Tool to Drive Harmonious Interactions in the OR

Learn how famed pianist Freddie Ravel believes nurses can harness the power of music to engage with patients and colleagues in new ways.

How to Infuse Fun Into Your Next In-Service

Integrate these three proven strategies to hook your next in-service audience.

4 Ways to Prepare for Your First Nurse Leadership Role

Incorporate these four tips to hit the ground running in your first nurse leadership role.

Top 8 Things to Do in Nashville

Here are eight fun ways to explore the Music City on your own or with your perioperative colleagues.

5 Tips for Growing Your Practice Through Social Media

Hear from social influencer and nurse entrepreneur, Kati Kleber as she shares 5 ways to tap into the nursing social media community.

Evidence-based Strategies Lead to Research Poster Win

Find out how a periop team used evidence-based strategies to earn top poster honors at Global Surgical Conference & Expo.

OR Nurses: How to Develop an Effective Purchasing Plan

Learn to how to flex your perioperative purchasing power with these three tips.

Land Your First OR Nursing Job in 5 Easy Steps

Learn what you need to know to get your foot in the OR double doors to land your first surgical nurse job.

4 Tips to Host Your Surgery Open House (and Why You Need To)

Learn four tips help you to connect with your community by hosting a surgery open house.

Save a Life: Use a “Door Buster” Card

Learn how “Door Buster” cards can improve your team’s response to emergency situations in the OR.

The Ultimate Sacrifice – In Honor of All Military Nurses

Read about an active military nurse and one who sacrificed her life in the line of duty to provide safe care for her patients.

Got a Sharpie? You’re Ready to Take the Theater Cap Challenge

Can writing your first name on your cap really help your patients?

4 Tips to Get That Scholarship You Want

Learn how to use scholarships to help advance your nursing education from AORN Foundation Scholarship Recipient Kelsey Baughn.

First-Time Expo Attendee: Prepare to Expand Your Horizons

Hear from first-time conference attendee, Alexis E. Flanders, MSN, RN about her experiences at Global Surgical Conference & Expo 2018.

3 Ways to Leverage Your Purchasing Power

Discover three ways to leverage your product purchasing power to make your OR more efficient and your patients safer.

Practical Ways to Keep Drug Resistant Bugs at Bay

Learn three practical ways to lower your risks of multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) in the OR.

Mass Casualty Response: 5 Ways to Help Save More Lives

Prepare your team to effectively respond to a potential mass casualty situation with these five suggestions.

Why I Vote (And How I Make Time For It)

Hear from an AORN member why voting is important and how you can (should) make time for it.

5 Transformational Nurse-led Research Projects

Learn how five AORN poster presenters will help transform your periop care.

Adventures of a Periop Wonder Dog

Meet Lulu and learn why pet therapy programs continue to grow.

3 Mental Exercises That Will Bring You Joy

Discover five solutions to better control your ASC’s operating costs.

3 Mental Exercises That Will Bring You Joy

Learn three mental exercises that will joyfully impact your patients, your family, and your teammates.

3 Ideas to Improve Your Robotics Program

Learn how today’s perioperative teams are improving their robotics programs.

5 Habits to Quit on Your Path to Positivity

Discover 5 habits to quit that will to help you create a happier personal and professional life.

5 Knowledge Pathways to Secure Your Nursing Future

Take these five steps to build your perioperative knowledge and strategically plan for your future.

2017 Posts

Periop Nursing in West Africa: Caring for a Community

In the second edition of our new global blog series, Sèdjro Vincent Blaise Kovohouandé, a senior technician in surgery in the Republic o...

3 Steps to Better Identify Patient Types

Nicholas Webb suggests three steps to identify your patient types.

9 Holiday Gift Ideas for Perioperative Nurses

We’ve gathered some fun holiday gift ideas for the perioperative nurses on your list. Take time to recognize the hard work they do to make patie...

3 Ways Lean Thinking Can Prevent VTE

Learn three successful ways to apply lean concepts to standardize VTE prevention practices and stop preventable hospital-acquired conditions.

10 Things a New Orleans-based Periop Nurse Is Thankful For

Find out what this New Orleans-based perioperative nurse is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Growing Into a Leadership Role: 5 Lessons Learned

Read our guest blog from Sarah Hirx, MSN, RN, CNOR and discover the five lessons she learned after taking on a new perioperative leadership role.

Nursing in Belgium: Global Collaboration, Local Improvement

Discover what it’s like to be a perioperative nurse in Belgium. Olivier Willième shares his thoughts on professional development, educati...

Top 9 Things to Do in New Orleans

Are you heading to New Orleans in March for our Global Surgical Conference & Expo? Here are nine fun ways to explore the Big Easy on your own or w...

Network Like a Pro at Your Next Conference

Learn to network like an introvert and other practical ways to improve your next industry conference networking experience.

Take the 30-day Resilience Challenge

Imagine yourself 45% less stressed. Take the 30-day Resilience Challenge and find out why resilience matters.

3 Words That Help Me Find Nurse-Life Balance

In a guest post from Michelle Nolander, MSN, RN discover three words that can help create more nurse-life balance in your life.